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Make today special by dining at Whitey's Seafood. Located at 6/27 McKean Street, Caboolture, Queensland 4510, Australia, we're open and excited to indulge your palate. Our 3 rating and 11 reviews testify to the quality and care we invest in every dish. Find the opening times for Whitey's Seafood right here on the website. If you have any inquiries, please contact +61754990788.

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  • Monday 11:00 - 21:00
  • Tuesday 11:00 - 21:00
  • Wednesday 11:00 - 21:00
  • Thursday 11:00 - 21:00
  • Friday 11:00 - 22:00
  • Saturday 11:00 - 22:00
  • Sunday 11:00 - 21:00


  • Address: 6/27 McKean Street, Caboolture, Queensland 4510, Australia
  • Phone: +61754990788




Dr. Sylvan Streich I
Dr. Sylvan Streich I

Little review. First up, something I have never seen before and this was turn on deep fryer canopy exhaust while cooking and turn off when not cooking... Seems a little more money savings than I have ever done and over exuberant. Product: fish and chips with a prawn cutlet. Oil a little older and evident with a lot of oil left on the greaseproof paper wrapped in for the little time we dined there. Although, the fish and chips were unbelievably hot! Maybe a high cooking temp with older oil technique. Oil as old as prawn cutlet tasted as oil soaked as a piece of bread fried for breakfast fry up. Chips were a good golden brown colour but a little more browner again thinking older oil. Chips were hot and crispy. Cod was a good large size and we bought a drink as well, cold from the self serve fridge. Service was good, no problems. You can sit inside and wait or there is one table outside we dined at with a tv next door in the laundry mat staying from the little shop. Shop was clean and featured an amazing retro pinball candy machine where $1 gets you a pinball game and a bubble gum ball. A cold bench was in the shop front on a crazy castor wheel trolley out of order when we visited. Deals looked good up to $40 plus, and our 2 cod and chips cost $14 with prawn cutlet and drink under $20.Menu board was big with professional lettered writing and the A4 sign out the front was a chalkboard for a different business and the chalk was wearing off from rainwater.For dinner rush there was only on other customer while we were there, and the phone never rang for any takeaway orders. Suite facilities or in the area were an ATM, SPAR supermarket, laundry mat as I said and liquor store as well as some shops for lease. Heaps on parking. Off the main road near the highway and close to the train station. Didn't see a telephone box.... But this is a takeaway review!

Karianne Kunde
Karianne Kunde

This place is decently pretty, with an amazing setting among grassy hills and riverIt has a unique square architecture with crenelations.


Bombay Bliss business hours

Bombay Bliss

312-344 Morayfield Rd, Morayfield, Queensland 4506, Australia, Caboolture

T'was the night before Australia Day, I managed to organise a document signing meeting at the end of the day so would get out of the office earlier than normal, and along with most patriotic Australians, wanted a restful evening with my wife and son before my long weekend... so, "fancy a curry?" I asked the family, "Sounds great" was the reply! Fantastic, it was also my night to cook too! So my wonderful wife called Bombay Bliss to place an order, with the intention that it should be just about ready by the time i finished my meeting and travelled from Caboolture to Morayfield. Well, bang on for timing, I had just enough time to make one last call and our meal was ready!Tonight's choice was a chicken biryani, chicken tikka, lentil and bean curry, and a cheese and spinach nan.... ahhh, the journey home with the mix of curry smells was absolute torture! And what is even better, it will still be lingering for the next few days too!Ok, torture over and we are serving it up, and I am salivating with the prospect of digging in.... we chose all dishes to be mild, so it comes with all the spice and no chilli, so you get to taste the flavour of the food rather than just a mouth burning sensation. The chicken in both dishes was succulent with no bones or skin, the bean and lentil curry was creamy delicious, and to finish off, the nan to mop up the plate! You know it must be good when your four year old son is all of a sudden silent, but for the sounds of him slurping the sauces off his spoon! The restaurant itself has indoor seating, with a 'window to the world' bench where you can also just dine and watch the world go by. A big tick for me is that you can look into the kitchen and watch the chefs prepare your food, the staff are very well presented and polite, and the kitchen is immaculate! This store is located in the Morayshire retail hub, has loads of ample, convenient parking. The downside for me is standing in the store waiting for my meal, the smells of cooking and spice, the sounds of the frantic chefs babbling away in their own dialect, and gazing upon the great menu options is tortuous, and only heightens my desire to return for more! Upside, I've got leftovers for lunch today!!We will be dining here again soon!